Easier To Learn, Inc. Glass-Analysis
Decoding(In Glass-Analysis)
Glass-Analysis with its highly respected and proven clustering approach, gets your students to identify, visually and auditorily, letters and clusters in whole words, all leading to correct sounding-out to the automatic level.
Advantages of Using Glass-Analysis Glass-Analysis for Decoding Only
1. Bypasses deficiencies in vocabulary by using words whose meaning the learner already knows.
2. Contains economical, non-consumable and easy to use materials.
3. Can be used with individuals or groups
(small or large).
4. Can be used successfully with any age or ability level student.
5. Offers continuous meaningful reinforcement for both the auditory and visual tasks familiar to learners.
6. Can be taught by classroom aides with a minimum of professional supervision.
7. Does not depend upon anyone's (pupil or teacher) knowledge of rules or principles.
8. Is based upon sound, accepted principles of learning and years of successful application in the nation's schools.
9. Keeps the cognitive level for success low - makes learning to decode easier for those who do not learn easily.
10. Eliminates irrelevant activities such as syllabication rules, accent marks, identifying long & short vowels.

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